No matter if you are a fan of the eccentric and somewhat unconventional sitcom South Park, or if you simply hate its rude language and the often offensive humor, it is almost next to impossible not to have tried it at least once in your lifetime. There is a rumor in the gaming world saying, you can either love it or hate it, but you cannot ignore it. The look and the feel of the popular TV show are to be noticed as soon as you see the slot for the first time. It is considered to be the homage of the original series and the slot is described to be as exhilarating and as one-of-a-kind as the TV series itself. Located in the city of South Park, the slot features the adventures of the popular 4 young boys Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny.

The slot itself has 5 reels, 3 rows and 25 pay lines with free spins, unique bonus games, 3 mini features and wild substitutions. The bonus rounds are themed around the characters so you should expect to see a Stan Bonus Round, a Kyle Bonus Round, A Cartman Bonus Round and Kenny`s Bonus Round. Read the specific details about each bonus game in the Bonus Rounds section below.

Basic Features

Experienced players often describe South Park as the slot with the greatest number of available features and as such compare it to an arcade game. The thrill of gambling is combined with animated missions inspired by the characters from the TV series. The animations are featured even when you get small winnings. This makes South Park Slot more like a movie and the players that worship the sitcom are usually impressed with the real-life animations. They use the same rude language and surreal humors as the characters in the sitcom.

South Park Slot
South Park Slot Features Software: Net Entertainment Double option: no
RTP: 96.70% Mobile version: yes
Progressive: yes Coin value: £0.01 – £0.5
Autoplay: yes Bet value: £0.01 ‑ £10
Quick spin: yes Max. bet: £10 per spin
Reels: 5 Free spins: yes
Paylines: 25 ways Bonus round: yes

As you may have noticed, South Park is one of the highest paying slots available in the online gaming world with a certified RTP (return per player) of 96.70%. Its mobile version offers the same quality in terms of sound and design as the desktop version. In addition, you can make further adjustments such as turning on/off intro screens, animations, ambience sounds and sound quality. You can even adjust the graphic quality for optimal performance. If you want to see how much time you have spent playing on this slot and calculate your all-time winnings, you can check your game history.


If you check the top payouts of South Park`s Slot game you will notice how things get really exciting. All info is available on the pay table button. From experience, small wins are very frequent, but sometimes annoying. You receive prizes by getting three identical symbols. In order to hit big, you have to join the Bonus Rounds specific to each character. For instance, the maximum win is £625,000 which can be won through the Cartman Bonus Game. The maximum win in Stan Bonus Game is 30 times your stake up to £3,750. The winnings in the Kyle Bonus Game are somewhat bigger and can bring you up to £37,500. The Kenny Bonus Game offers up to £69,500.

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When it comes to players` preferences, it comes as no surprise that card symbols are lesser preferred symbols for payouts than the character symbols. For instance, if you get 5 As you receive 125 coins, 5 Js bring you 50 coins and 5 Ks 100 coins. On the other hand, if you get 5 Eric Cartman symbols you receive 750 coins which is almost 6 times your winnings based on card symbols.

Bonus Rounds/Free Spins

The Bonus Games feature is probably what makes South Park the most unique online slot available on the market. In fact, as we mentioned above, there are 4 different Bonus Rounds dealing with the 4 characters from the sitcom. Let`s start with the Kenny Bonus Round. You are welcomed with 10 free spins and you have three lives to guide Kenny through 3 different zones (win, multiplier and danger). Each zone is packed with different prizes- cash or other values. Stan Bonus Round is there to revive your memories of the sitcom as Stan pukes on Wendy to give you sticky fingers.

South Park Slot Screenshot

The Kyle Bonus round begins with 10 free spins, and you should look the Ike wild on reel 5. Kyle kicks Ike in order to land on one of the five prizes placed below the reels. They come in three different variants: cash, free spins and multipliers. However, the most desired Bonus Round is the Cartman Bonus Round where Cartmen looks for his enemies in the bushes. Make sure you don`t disturb the police officer twice because it will end the game.

Experience of Playing the Slot and Other Recommended Games

To sum up, South Park is the most unique online video slot available on the market. Not only does it feature an extraordinary design and sound, but it also offers a rather distinctive gaming experience. South Park lovers simply enjoy it. To be honest, the frequent small winning sometimes bother me, but I am always looking forward to the Bonus Rounds which are exciting and full of prizes. By now, I have played in all Bonus Rounds and I find the Stan Bonus Round most funny. It really makes me laugh when Stan Pukes on Wendy.

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